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Linda Mtoba’s skincare secrets for flawless skin

Actress, businesswoman and Vaseline ambassador Linda Mtoba shares her secrets for soft, radiant skin all year round.

18 April 2023 | By Wanita Nicol

When you meet actress Linda Mtoba – or even just browse through her social media – two things immediately stand out: her refreshing willingness to be seen without makeup and her flawless skin. 
Sure, good genes help, but a solid skincare routine is key to maintaining healthy skin. Here, Linda shares the tips and products that keep her looking radiant, even during winter.

1. Find a brand you love

“Obviously I’m going to be in my Vaseline from top to bottom – even the skin that no one can see, you have to take care of it, even in winter. It’s important.”

2. Switch up your routine when necessary

“I use my Vaseline variants depending on the weather. If I’m in Johannesburg, I know I have to use the Atopi Rescue or the Intensive Care because the climate is so dry. But if I’m home, I’ll be using the Cocoa or the Aloe because Durban is humid.” 

3. Match your products to your needs.

“When I first had my daughter, I really relied on the Firming Lotion and the Even Tone. That was what my skin needed at that point in time. Using the Nourishing Argan Oil on my stretchmarks has really helped reduce their appearance over time. So, skincare is not just a ‘now, today’ thing – it’s a forever thing.”

4. Understand the importance of sunscreen

“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I do not go a day in my life without sunscreen. Be it overcast, in the house… I apply my sunscreen every day. And do not forget your neckline!”

5. Good genes are not a free pass

“I don’t have problematic skin on my face – I was blessed with good skin, but you have to take care of it nonetheless. I use a gentle cleanser and I have added a hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid into my face care routine in the morning.”

6. Never skip lotion

“My skin has to be even from head to toe. Never skip putting lotion on your body! If you want to have beautiful, hydrated skin, you have to take care of it. I use the Argan Oil at night and then the Firming lotion after a bath or shower. It has revolutionised how I take care of  my skin, because I don’t want to ever be ashy. Even in the middle of winter in Johannesburg, I need to look like I just stepped off a plane from Barbados!”  

IMAGE CREDIT: Andile Mthembu