5 ways to sweat-proof your make-up

Looking for ways to make your make-up stay put as the days get warmer? No sweat!

05 November 2014
by Annie Brookstone

Ah, summer make-up… always perfect in the pages of your favourite fashion magazine, but somehow the intended effect is diminished when it’s running in rivulets down the sides of your face on a sweltering day. Just because things may be warming up outside, it’s no reason not to look your best. Here’s how to sweat-proof your look for flawless all-day wear.

1. Lighten up

There’s no escaping the fact that the more make-up you have on your face, the more of it there is to ultimately sweat off. Instead of trying to disguise the glow, work with it and opt for a dewy, radiant complexion. Ditch the heavy powder foundation and opt for a lightweight tinted moisturiser – ideally with an SPF to double up on the summer benefits. Otherwise keep an eye out for products that offer sheer coverage or with a silicon-based formula for long-lasting wear. 

2. Primed to play

If the light look isn’t an option, use a primer to keep your foundation in place. By putting it on before your concealer and foundation, the primer acts as the glue keeping the other products in place.

But if the idea of primer and moisturiser and foundation is already making you sweat, there’s one clever product that’ll cover all your bases: BB cream!

3. Wear waterproof

Nothing takes the fun out of a spontaneous trip to the beach like having to hang out on the shore while everyone is splashing in the water for fear of emerging from the waves with your mascara running down your cheeks. Luckily, most major beauty brands now offer waterproof mascara formulas that are perfect for everyday wear. 

4. Keep your cool with cream shadows

Unfortunately, as many an impeccably made-up woman has realised when stepping outside in midsummer, sweat plus powder is not a pretty combo. To avoid having your eye shadow retreat into the creases of your eyes, swap out the powders for cream versions instead, as these are less likely to cake up.

If you do use powder, use a primer first and opt for lighter shades, which are less likely to draw the wrong kind of attention if they do budge. Liquid liners are also a great bet for budge-free eye makeup, especially if you’re looking to vamp it up a little.

5. Lock down your lips

Your lip colour options need not be limited in the summer months, if you choose the right products. The most straightforward no-mess, no-fuss option is a lip stain, which will give your lips long-lasting colour no matter what the weather. 

Choose products that promise extended wear and, if you’re going for darker shades, use a lip liner to help it hold fast. If conventional lipsticks are more your style, opt for matte formulas which are less likely to become greasy or messy as temperatures climb.