Fix beauty problems with these make-up tricks

There'™s no beauty problem that can'™t be fixed with a little make-up and some know-how.

13 March 2014
by The Clicks Beauty Team

The problem: Deep lines and wrinkles

The solution: Enhanced luminosity

Here’s how: Light doesn’t reflect from your complexion as readily when you have deep lines and wrinkles, resulting in dull-looking skin. The solution is to enhance luminosity with a radiance-enhancing foundation or BB cream. Apply it all over your face, treating areas of serious dullness or dark shadows – such as above the lips or under the eyes – with an illuminator or creamy concealer to give the overall area a lift. 

The problem: Hollow cheekbones

The solution: Cleverly placed blush

Here’s how: Traditionally blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks, but as you start to age the cheeks take on a hollow appearance, and you need a new approach to give them the appearance of being lifted and plumped. The trick is to use a crème blush, applying it along the top of the cheekbones and up and out towards your temples – think of it as a lifting motion. Blend the blush in place for a subtle yet effective lift.

The problem: Thin lips

The solution: Draw attention away from them with a bright smile

Here’s how: Use a whitening toothpaste or dental treatment to remove stains and restore a sparkle to your teeth. Complete the look by applying a lip liner to the outside edge of your lips, and a creamy, semi-matte formula to the rest of the lips to give them a fuller appearance. 

The problem: Sparse eyebrows

The solution: Fill in the patches for an even appearance

Here’s how: Bold eyebrows go a long way towards defining your facial features and giving your face a lift, but over-zealous plucking can leave them looking sparse and patchy. It can take ages for your brows to grow back properly, so fill in the gaps with a pencil in the meantime. Employ short, light stokes to the affected areas, using a pencil with a dry texture as opposed to a waxy one (which tends to leave a heavy, less natural-looking line). Finally, apply a brow powder to your eyebrow using a small brush. The powder will adhere more to the penciled-in area, bulking it up a bit. 

The problem: Hooded eyelids

The solution: Simple eye shadow

Here’s how: Dark shades of eye shadow along the socket line tend to accentuate the problem. Instead, counteract hooded or sagging eyelids with simple and light shades. Apply pale eye shadows (like cream or gold) with a slightly iridescent finish to the entire eyelid. Add definition with a kohl pencil rather than a black one for a softer look, and finish off with mascara.

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