Turn playtime into grow time for your baby

Even while your baby is a newborn, they're learning and developing every day. These games and toys will help stimulate that growth.

07 June 2019
By Delia du Toit

While every baby develops at their own pace, you can encourage growth, create a closer bond, and help them get them in touch with their environment through these fun activities and toys.

Age 0-6 months

Activity mats 

Remove overhead toys, which over-stimulate new-borns, and position other toys on the edge of the mat to encourage tummy time and outstretched hands.

Soft toys

This can become a soothing companion. Bonus points: Get a baby-proof mirror and show your baby her reflection, then your own, then a stuffed animal’s. This helps with visual, social and emotional development.

Toys that make sounds

Hearing is one of the earliest senses to mature. Playgro’s Jungle Squeaker soft toy is the best of both worlds – soft and noisy. 


This will help baby practice grasping. Try the easy-to-grasp Clicks rattle

Age 6-12 months

Teething toys

Though gum pain may start sooner, teeth start coming out at around 6 months. Playgro’s Triangle Teether is BPA-free and simultaneously helps develop motor skills. 


Whether cloth or board, choose the indestructible type. Regularly read to your baby, pointing to the pictures, to develop language and listening skills.

Stackable toys

These are great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Make a game of it by taking turns to stack and then knocking the tower over. Clicks Stacking Cups can even be used at bath time. 

Indestructible household items

Your baby loves exploring now. Let her play with “real” household items like cereal boxes or egg cartons in the kitchen, or plastic containers in the bathroom so she can discover her world.

A blanket

Hide toys under a blanket, leaving parts of them uncovered. Ask baby "where is it?" and watch her grab or dig for the toys. This teaches the concept of object permanence – that things don’t disappear when you’re not looking. 

Age 1-2 years

Push- and pull toys

Pulling around a toy on a string or pushing a cart is not only fun but teaches cause and effect. Playgro’s Pull Along Elephant helps develop motor skills. 

Wheeled toys

This encourages an unsteady, newly-walking little one to explore her environment independently.


While toddlers love building things only to knock it down, it actually helps develop their spatial awareness and mathematical ability.

Art supplies

Whether finger painting or drawing with large crayons, making art is always a hit. Make sure the materials are non-toxic.

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IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com