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Should my baby have the flu vaccine?

It is African Vaccination Week from April 24-30: should you take your child for the flu vaccine?

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All you need to know about giving your child antibiotics

Antibiotics can be lifesavers, but over-prescription is causing resistance.

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How to give CPR to a child

November 4-10 is National CPR week; mark it by learning these four steps.

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8 ways to keep your child safe from malaria

Malaria is on the rise again – and children under 5 are particularly vulnerable.

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Important baby milestones

These milestones are important markers of your baby’s development

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How to survive your child’s ‘mine!’ phase

Possessiveness is a natural stage in toddler development. Here's how to deal with it.

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Why you need to deworm your family

Infestations are common even in homes with good hygiene, and symptoms may not be obvious.

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Choking hazards you may not suspect

It’s not just peanuts and hard sweets that can pose a danger to your baby, take note of these choking hazards too!