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Corenza C

Para-C Cold and Flu 10 Effervescent Tablets

Contains active ingredients including Paracetamol and Phenylephrine

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Otc Product Info

Respiratory 1and2 Cough, Cold And Flu Corenza-C 500mg Eff Tablets 10

Detailed Description:
Scheduling status: s1.Proprietary name (and dosage form):Corenza Para-C effervescent (effervescent tablets).Composition: Each tablet contains: Paracetamol 650 mg, Phenylephrine HCI 10 mg, Vitamin C 250 mg. Sugar free.Pharmacological classification: A 5.8 Preparations for the common cold including nasal decongestants and antihistaminics.Pharmacological action:Corenza Para-C effervescent tablets have analgesic, antipyretic and decongestant actions.Indications: For relief of mild to moderate pain, fever, nasal sinus and Eustachian tube mural congestion associated with colds and influenza.Interactions: Reversal of the action of antihypertensive agents may occur and therefore special care is advisable in patients receiving antihypertensive therapy. Interaction with alpha- and beta-blocking drugs may be complex. Interactions possible with guanethidine, reserpine, tricyclic antidepressants, digoxin and alpha-methyldopa. Aluminium hydroxide mixture may increase the absorption rate of phenylephrine.Identification: Orange, mottled, round effervescent tablet. After effervescence: clear, orange solution with a citrus odour.Presentation: Tubes of 10 tablets.www.adcock.com.Each effervescent tablet contains:Phenylephrine HCI - 10mg.Paracetamol - 650mg.Vitmain C - 250mg.Sugar free.For the symptomatic treatment and relief of:Nasal congestion.Runny nose.Pain and fever.

Pack size:
10 Tablets

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Respiratory system cough & cold decongestant, analgesic combinations.

Corenza C

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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use: Adults and children over 12 years: one tablet dissolved in a glass of water 3 to 4 times a day.

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Vitamin C 250mg, Phenylephrine Hcl 10mg, Paracetamol 650mg Effervescent Tablet

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5.0 from 1 reviews Write a review
Corenza effervescent tablets 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 21 Feb 2019

By far the best over the counter medication for cold and flu. At the onset of syptoms 2 tabs in half glass of water does the trick. Been using this for many years for my entire family.