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Up your at-home coffee game

Love coffee, but not the cost of a barista-made brew? Here’s how to make a better cup from the comfort of your kitchen.

10 July 2023 | By Neil Doveton

A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for the whole day, but ordering from your favourite coffee shop is not the most budget-friendly option. Making a cup at home is a cheaper alternative so it’s worth learning how to brew a good cup yourself. Read on for some easy ways to step up your coffee game.

Grind your own beans

Essential to your coffee-making setup is a coffee grinder because buying whole-bean coffee means a fresher and a more vibrant flavour than pre-ground varieties. And for the freshest cup, there’s no option other than grinding your own beans just before brewing. This may be an additional step for your morning routine but it’s so worth it.

Try these: Featuring stainless steel blades and a large capacity grinder bowl, the electric Bosch Coffee Grinder Black (R609) fits neatly on your countertop, making it easy to grind the beans with each cup you make. (It also works well for nuts.) The Kambrook Aspire 220 W Coffee Grinder (R479) with a stainless steel grinding blade, 60g capacity and a transparent top lid is another good option.

Choose your favourite method

Coffee only has two ingredients – coffee and water – so the method plays an integral part in the final flavour. Depending on the coffee you’re brewing, whether filter for lighter roasts, French press plunger for a ride on the dark side or a powerful Espresso, it’s all in the method (and the machine) used. 

For the perfect filter coffee the Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker (R879) has a removable filter holder for easy cleaning, as well as a hot plate to keep your coffee warm. Its automatic pause and anti-drip system allows serving while the machine continues to brew. 

The Safeway Filter Coffee Maker (R449) has a large filter capacity that allows you to brew enough coffee to fill a whopping 10 cups. Its keep-warm function maintains coffee at a drinkable temperature after brewing. 

The Kambrook 10-Cup Digital Coffee Maker (R879) features a reusable cone filter with a handle, water-level indicator, digital controls with LCD display and 24-hour programmable timer function. Consider it perfect for upgrading your kitchen and coffee-making skills all at once.

For a ‘quick ’n easy’ caffeine fix, take the plunge with the Kambrook Aspire French Press Coffee Plunger (R279). It transforms finely ground coffee grounds into as many as six cups of the steaming black stuff that you can’t start your morning without. This two-part apparatus is made up of a heat-resistant glass cylinder and press with stainless steel micro mesh disc.

For a sure-bet morning kickstart, the compact stainless steel Kambrook Aspire Espresso Maker (R1,699) has three settings, with corresponding LED indicators, a 1.6 litre capacity, and features a milk frother and cup warmer on its top shelf. Slick and quick! 

Alternatively, the stylish, multi-function Milex Coffee & Espresso Bar (R4,000) allows you to make aromatic varieties like espresso, cappuccino, or latte at the touch of a button. This coffee bar tops milk varieties with silky smooth froth. With a detachable milk and water tank, it’s easy to set up and to clean. 

For coffee connoisseurs, take your passion to the next level with the Siemens EQ.500 Automatic Coffee Machine (R16,999). Thanks to the OneTouch function, you can have a latte macchiato, creamy cappuccino, or espresso in seconds.

Keep it hot

Whether for bedside or desktop, the Kambrook Mug Warmer Set (R299) features a slim base unit to hold hot drinks at a constant, ideal 55 degrees C. While this set includes a mug with lid and spoon, it’s compatible with any cup, mug, or glass. On the move? The Clicks Stainless Steel Double Wall Travel Mug (450ml R129) is a perfect companion to keep your coffee hot.

Pick a coffee-break snack

Snacks provide an energy boost between meals if they’re planned right. Avoid or limit snacks high in added sugar, fat, and sodium (we’re looking at you, doughnuts!), and look for ones high in fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals instead. For healthy and delicious coffee partners, try the Clicks Smartbite Vegan Bar Coffee Crunch (R13.99, 25g), a sweet treat like the Clicks Smartbite Chocolate Slab Dark Chocolate (R38.99, 100g) which contains no added sugar, or a handful of protein-rich Clicks Smartbite Foods Raw Mixed Nuts (R159, 450g).

IMAGE: 123rf.com