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Cerbo Liquid Drops 25ml

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Natura Cerbo Liquid Drops 25ml is a special formulation of essential herbs and minerals to help with supporting the functions of the nervous system. Especially good for times of stress or to improve poor concentration and hyperactive behaviour.

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Detailed information

Natura Cerbo 25ml

Detailed Description:
A homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the nervous system and assists in the treatment of exam stress, poor concentration, hyperactive behaviour and stuttering. 250 ml liquid. Tel: (012) 813 9400. www.natura.co.za. Natura. House of homoeopathy. Pharyna. Scheduling status unscheduled, grade C0. Proprietary name (and dosage form). Pharyna (liquid drops). Composition. Each 1 ml of liquid contains: Acidum nitricum D10. Apis mellifica D4. Baryta muriatica D10. Hepar sulphuris calcareum D6. Kalium muriaticum D6. Lachesis mutus D10. Mercurius cyanatus D10. Phosphorus D10. Phytolacca decandra spag D3. Preservative: 20% Alcohol. Category of complementary medicine. Homoeopathic medicine. Homoeopathic mode of action. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine, built on the philosophy that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and should be allowed to do so. Homoeopathic medicines work energetically to stimulate the body's innate ability to heal by promoting or supporting the functioning of various organ systems. It works according to the principle of 'likes cure like' such that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person, can be used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Over the last 300 years, observations, experiments, homoeopathic provings and clinical experience have resulted in the collection of symptoms associated with particular remedies which are recorded in traditional homoeopathic Materia Medica. This medicine has been compiled based on an in-depth knowledge of the tradition and application of homoeopathy. The relevant symptoms from the composite remedy pictures are as follows: Acidum nitricum has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action and relieves sore, hot, dry throat with painful swallowing. Also treats mouth ulcers and burning offensive nasal discharge. Apis mellifica acts on cellular tissue and mucous membranes to relieve congestion and oedema. It also treats swelling of the throat, uvula, tonsils and mouth accompanied by stinging, burning pain. Baryta muriatica is indicated for enlargement with pain of the tonsils and difficult swallowing. Hepar sulphuris calcareum acts on the lymphatic system and as a decongestant. It relieves difficult swallowing, the sensation of a splinter in the throat and suppuration of thick mucus from the throat. Kalium muriaticum has a decongestant and mucolytic effect and treats inflamed, enlarged and septic tonsils that impede breathing. Lachesis mutus has an analgesic and decongestant action and relieves severe throat pain which is worse on swallowing and which may become chronic and radiate to the ear. This remedy treats a dry, swollen throat with mucus that is difficult to expel and tonsils that are septic or deep purple. Mercurius cyanatus is indicated for acute infections with rapid deterioration and relieves ulcerated sore throat with hoarseness and pain on swallowing. Phosphorus acts on inflamed painful mucous membranes to relieve swelling and redness of the throat and laryngitis with elevated temperature. Phytolacca decandra acts on the glandular system to treat painful throat extending to the ears, swollen tonsils, dark red or bluish discolouration of the throat and mumps. Indications. This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the immune system and assists in soothing the respiratory mucosa for treatment of post nasal drip, sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, mouth ulcers and catarrh and other localized inflammatory conditions of the mouth and throat. This medicine is an adjuvant for treatment of pharyngitis and may be used to complement existing medication for the treatment of this condition. To be sure that serious conditions do not persist undetected, please ensure that pharyngitis is prediagnosed by a suitably qualified practitioner. Identification. Clear, colourless liquid with alcohol aroma. Presentation: 25ml Liquid in amber glass bottle with dropper insert and white, tamper-evident screw cap. Applicant. Natura Laboratory, 313 Kuit Street, Waltloo, Pretoria, 0184.

Pack size:
25 ml

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Marketing description:
Natura. A Natural Way of Life™. Cerbo. Exam stress, poor concentration & hyperactive behaviour. Since 1966.


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How to use

Usage instructions:
Dosage: 10 drops on tongue 3 times daily. Dosage and directions for use: Take ten drops directly on the tongue or diluted with a little water three times daily. May be taken one to two hourly in acute cases while symptoms are severe. Dilute with water for infants and allow to stand for a short time before administering. Reduce dosage with improvement of symptoms. As absorption of homoeopathic medicines occurs mainly through the mucous membrane of the mouth, it is desirable to hold the medicine in the mouth for a short period and for the mouth to be free of any other tastes (toothpaste, peppermint, etc.) when taking the medicine. Avoid taking this medicine within half an hour of strong coffee, chocolate, camphor or aromatic substances which may reduce the efficacy of the homoeopathic components.

Storage instructions:
Keep the container sealed and store below 25 degrees C. Protect from sunlight.

Consult your practitioner if symptoms are severe or persist for longer than 3 weeks without improvement. Keep out of reach of children. Contraindications: This product contains alcohol and should be used with caution by individuals with a sensitivity or intolerance to alcohol. Please consult your practitioner if symptoms are severe or persist without improvement for longer than the following time limits: Tonsillitis should improve within two days; sore throat;, pharyngitis and localized inflammatory conditions within three days; laryngitis within four days; mouth ulcers within one week; catarrh within three weeks and post nasal drip should improve within six weeks. Unless otherwise prescribed, do not exceed the stated dose. In the rare event of hypersensitivity to an ingredient in this medicine, discontinue use. Substitute existing medical treatment under professional supervision. Side effects and special precautions. There are no known side effects. Known symptoms of overdose and particulars of treatment. There are no known symptoms of overdose. Treatment is symptomatic and supportive.

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Acidum Picricum D10 Atropa Belladonna (Belladonna) Spag D3 Atropinum Sulfuricum D6 Banisteriopsis Caapi (Banjage) Spag D60 Gelsemium Sempervirens Spag D4 Kalium Phosphoricum D10 Veratrum Viride D10 Zincum Metallicum D30.

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