First Foods Baby's First Cereal Maize 450g

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Purity First Foods Baby's First Cereal Maize 450g is suitable for babies starting on solid foods. Good tasting and high in vitamins and minerals to enhance growth and development and easy to digest. Simply mix with your baby’s milk. Gluten free.

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Detailed information

Purity Baby's First Cereal Maize 450 g

Detailed Description:
This package is sold by mass - not volume. Some settling may occur during handling. Introducing solids: On average your baby is ready for solids when he or she: Can lift head and place weight on forearms when lying on stomach. Has doubled birth weight. Can hold head steady, when sitting fully supported. NutriPak™: Purity's NutriPak formulation of vitamins and minerals will help assist baby's growth and development. Iron: Needed for blood formation and the function of the immune system. Zinc: Helps to support a healthy immune system. Vitamin A: Important for vision and helps keep the skin healthy. Vitamin B'S: Essential for transforming food into energy. Vitamin C: Antioxidant that contributes to iron absorption from food, helps support the body's immune system and is needed for normal mental function. Purity Maize Cereal is very high in iron: Just 2 servings of Purity Maize Cereal contain more than 100% of the recommended daily iron intake for your baby. Introduction of this food earlier than is recommended must be done under the guidance of your health care professional. Home prepared foods are also suitable for infants from 6 months and young children. Breastfeeding is recommended for up to 24 months. As with other manufactured baby foods, Purity Cereals contain no preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. * % Recommended daily allowance for infants from 6-12 months of age. ** Serving = 20 g dry cereal + 140 ml baby's milk. *** Energy and protein RDA %'s calculated for infants weighing 8 kg. Baby's milk are the minimum values prescribed by codex standard for follow on milk. Protein sources: maize. Contact us on our consumer care number 0860 004755 or visit our website at www.purity.co.za.

Pack size:
Net 450 g

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Value pack. 1 first foods. From 6 to 36 months. Purity®. The baby feeding experts. Baby's first cereal maize. Gluten free. New improved taste. NutriPak™. Enhancing growth & development: Very high in B1 & iron high in vitamin A, C and zinc. Suitable for babies starting on solid foods. High in energy. Easy to digest. Mix with baby's milk.


Package type:

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How to use

Usage instructions:
Preparation: 1. Wash your hands and the utensils you need. 2. Put 5 tablespoons (20 g) of cereal into a clean bowl. 3. Add about 140 ml (just over 1/2 cup) of the milk that you are currently feeding your baby and mix well. 4. Feed your baby with a clean spoon. Your baby's milk, but no water shall be used for mixing in accordance with medical advice. How to feed: Choose a time when your baby is well. Milk feed first, then offer solid food. Start by putting a little food on the tip of a small feeding spoon. Baby may push the food out with tongue, but keep trying, because eating solid foods is a new skill baby must learn. Go slowly. Even two or three spoonfuls is a good start. Increase the amount gradually. From 6 months onwards gradually add fruit and vegetables to supplement your baby's diet. Recommended quantity of cereal: Age/weight - milk - cereal. From 6 months onwards (7.5 kg) - 140 ml (just over 1/2 cup) - 20 g (5 tablespoons). Start by giving only 2 teaspoons Purity Maize Cereal mixed with 3-4 teaspoons of your baby's milk feed and gradually increase the amount up to one whole serving.

Storage instructions:
Store in a cool, dry place to retain freshness.

Do not add salt and/or sugar. Do not keep unfinished prepared portion. Seal bag after use, never leave baby alone with food or drink.

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Maize Flour (GMO Free) (minimum 91%), Maltodextrin, Nonhydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Fruit), Tricalcium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Pantothenic Acid, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Vitamin C, Biotin, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin), Minerals (Magnesium, Iodine, Iron, Zinc).

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