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First things first, an immaculate canvas is key to a flawless face. Learn how to skillfully apply your foundation with tips and tricks from the Sorbet experts!

How to apply:

1. Due to the nature of serum formulations, it is normal for the product to separate,  so shake well before use.

2. Apply Salon Skin SPF 50 Sun & Protection Cream (optional).

3. Decant a small amount of the chosen foundation shade onto your silver make-up palette. Using the Sorbet Flawless Finish Foundation brush, apply a small amount onto the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. Use circular movements to spread and blend the foundation until the entire face and neck are covered.

4. If you are using the Flexible Friend Foundation Sponge, dampen the sponge and gently pat and roll the foundation over the face and down the neck.

6. Apply a second coat if necessary.

7. Do not apply foundation to under the eye area. 

How to apply flawless foundation

Benefits of the Sorbet Face First foundation and serum

- Anti-ageing benefits and soft focus for flawless skin.

- High volatile content gives it a serum-like and non-oily feel.

- Contains SPF 15 with sun protection.

- Fragranced with natural Essential Oils.

- Q10 & Peptides - anti-ageing.

- Squalane – natural moisturiser from olive oil.

- Vitamins A, C & E to fight harmful free radicals.

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