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Sorbet’s professional tools ensure an expert finish in applying your make-up and cleaning your tools for beautifully healthy skin.
The brushes are made of high-quality synthetic bristles and contain just the right amount of bristles to ensure no product goes to waste when blending onto your skin.

7 beauty tools you can't go without 

1. Sorbet Get Cheeky angled blush brush
Dab the brush into the product and tap off excess. Apply in long, upward strokes to the temples.

2. Sorbet Flawless Finish foundation brush
Perfect for applying a flawless and even base. Apply foundation and use brush to blend it into place.

3. Sorbet Eye to Eye shading brush
Sweep colour onto your eyelids and blend to create the look you want.

4. Sorbet Powderfull Stuff powder brush
This super-soft brush blends and applies powder evenly and smoothly.

5. Sorbet Neat & Tidy lash & brow brush
No more spider-eyes! Separate lashes and de-clump mascara with the comb side and switch it over to perfectly you’re your brows.

6. Sorbet Hide & Chick concealer brush 
Smear on a small amount of concealer and dab or blend for even coverage.

7. Sorbet Contour Me highlight & sculpting brush 
Stipple the blush onto your face for a natural, airbrushed look.
Must-have Sorbet pro tools

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