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There’s nothing quite like a perfectly executed smokey eye - it brings all the drama,
elegance and sophistication to your look.

Eye to eye
Use: Products 1,2,3,4

1. Using a small blending brush, apply colour 1 in a circular motion in an upside “v” just above the crease of the eye.
2. Using the same technique, apply colour 2 just under colour 1 on the crease of the eyelid.
3. Still using colour 2, create an outer corner “v” shape on the eyelid.
4. In a downward motion, dab colour 3 in two layers on the centre of the eyelid. Do not rub or wipe as the shimmer will become ashy.
5. Using an earbud, apply colour 3 to the inner corner of the eye to create the
“dewy” look.
6. Using colour 1 (warmth) apply a thin layer under the bottom lash line to create more warmth.
The perfect smokey eye
It’s a fine line
Use: Product 5 

1. Hold the pen in your dominant hand.
2. With your eye closed, use your free hand to gently stretch the skin outwards and upwards to create a smooth area to apply.
3. Starting from the inner corner of the closed eye, hold the liner at an angle so that you are using the side of the liner rather than the tip.
4. Glide the liner from the inner eye to the outer eye while at the same time increasing the thickness as you go.
5. Once your outline is complete, perfect your line and ensure that the entire lash line is covered.
6. Wait 20 seconds before asking the Guest to open her eyes.

Blur the line
Use: Product 6

1. Note: The same application applies to top and bottom line.
2. Sharpen the pencil.
3. Hold the pencil in your dominant hand and use your free hand to gently stretch the skin up and outwards to create a smooth area for application.
4. Starting from the inner corner of the lower/upper lid, hold the pencil at an angle so that you are using the side of the pencil tip.
5. Draw the line across the entire lash line.
6. If you have sensitive eyes, stop in between and blink.
7. Using the smudger, blend the liner to create more softness around the eyes.
Lash cheats
Use: Product 7 

1. Looking up, apply the mascara to the bottom lashes first (optional).
2. Look straight ahead so that you can apply the mascara to the top eyelash.
3. Hold the brush at the base of the lashes and zigzag the brush to ensure coverage on the lash roots, then pull the brush through to the end of the lashes. Repeat this step until all roots are covered.
4. Once all lash roots are covered, hold the brush between the top and bottom lashes and blink a few times, this will ensure full coverage and thicken the lashes.
5. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara, as needed. 
The perfect smokey eye
The perfect smokey eye

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