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Repair Cream 30g

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SBR Repair Special Cream For Very Dry Skin 30g contains a combination of fatty substances to lock moisture into skin, keeping it hydrated, soft and supple.

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Detailed information

SBR Repair Special Cream For Very Dry Skin 30g

Detailed Description:
Special cream for very dry skin. Contains no perfume or preservatives. Customer Care 0860 ADCOCK/232625. www.adcock.com. For skin that is so dry that everyday skin care alone is not satisfactory. A skin care cream for very dry skin with both a rapid and a lasting effect because it adds the fatty substances that the skin itself normally takes days to produce. Once daily application should be satisfactory. Can be used as supplement to normal skin care. SBR-Repair® - skincare cream for dry skin with both a rapid and a lasting effect because it adds the fatty substances that the skin itself normally takes days to produce. Why does your skin get dry? Your skin is normally moisturised from within so it doesn't become dry because there isn't enough moisture available but because the moisture disappears too rapidly from the skin. In the same way that your washing dries when the sun and wind cause the water in your clothes to evaporate, your skin will dry out if there is too much evaporation from the skin. The skin's tasks. Our bodies are 70% water. Two of the skin's most important tasks are to keep the water inside the body and harmful things on the outside. These tasks are performed by a fairly thin layer on the outside of the skin that forms the skin's protective barrier against the outside world. This layer consists of dead, flat horn cells surrounded by a layer of special fatty substances. It is these special fatty substances that retain the water and ensure that evaporation is maintained at a level which enables the skin to stay moist, soft and supple. Every day we subject our skin to wear and tear. Each day, we scrape, chafe and scrub a little of the skin barrier. The fatty substances in the barrier are also water-soluble so that water alone can remove them. Soap, body shampoo and hair shampoo all dissolve the fatty substances even more. This doesn't just remove the dirt and grease that we want to get rid of, it also removes the important fatty substances in the protective barrier. When these fatty substances are removed, the effectiveness of the barrier is reduced and evaporation from the skin increases. The skin protects itself by forming new fat which can re-seal the barrier and re-establish the moisture balance. In this way, the skin's protective barrier is constantly maintained and repaired. Why do some people always have problems with dry skin? 1. It can be due to congenital problems. For example, some people cannot form enough of the special fatty substances that are used in the skin barrier. Other people have problems absorbing the fatty substances from food and therefore do not have enough of the constituents needed to enable the skin to produce the barrier formed by the fatty substances. 2. It can be due to climate. If the skin is continually exposed to water and fat-dissolving substances, the natural repair of the skin barrier simply can't keep up. Regardless of the reason, the result will be lasting problems with dry skin because too much moisture is evaporating from the skin. It takes about five days to reproduce the skin barrier: During the first few hours after damage is inflicted, the skin releases the fat it already has in store and it reduces the evaporation a little. To bring evaporation completely under control however, the skin has to produce more fatty substances and this generally takes at least five days. In the mean time, the evaporation rate is too high and the skin becomes dry. Repeated damage disturbs the production of fatty substances so that the barrier never becomes entirely scaled and the skin becomes chronically dry. Even the best general skincare products are retained in the uppermost layer of the skin as a cover that reduces evaporation for a few hours. However, this layer is worn away in the space of a few hours and the application has to be repeated 4-6 times a day if dry skin is to be avoided. The process only really becomes effective when the skin produces new fatty substances. The difference with SBR-Repair® is that it adds ready-made fatty substances identical to the fatty substances produced by the skin. These fatty substances penetrate deep into the skin where they are retained to be released when needed. This provides an effective repair of the skin's protective barrier for up to 24 hours with just a single application. SBR-Repair® also contains other fatty substances that reduce evaporation more effectively then normal creams, even during the first 4-6 hours. Contains no perfume, or preservatives.

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SBR. Repair. Special cream for very dry skin. 30g.


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How to use

Usage instructions:
How to use SBR-Repair®. Use SBR-Repair® when other creams alone are not enough to keep your skin soft and supple. As a general rule, applying the cream once a day should be satisfactory. The evening is an ideal time. You can apply it more often if you wish. A little SBR-Repair® goes a very long way so just use a small quantity each time. You can supplement SBR-Repair® with SBR-Lipocream several times a day to increase protection against external abrasion or impacts on the skin.

Storage instructions:
Store at room temperature.

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White Petrolatum, Purified Water, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Sorbitan Oleate, Carnauba Wax, Ceramide 3, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Cholesterol, Tromethamine, Carbomer.

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