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2.5% Shampoo 100ml

Selsun 2.5% Anti-Dandruff Suspension 100ml is a specialised shampoo formulated with selenium sulphide to help clear away stubborn dandruff for flake-free locks. It is also indicated to help soothe an itchy scalp

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Selsun Scalp Care Selsun 2.5% Shampoo 100 ml

Detailed Description:
Propriety name (and dosage form):Selsun 2.5% suspension.Composition:Selsun 2.5% contains selenium sulphide, 2.5g per 100ml as an aqueous suspension in a detergent vehicle.Pharmacological classification:A 13.1 antiseptics, disinfectants, cleansing agents.Pharmacological action:Selsun 2.5 % acts as an antiseborrhoeic agent which effectively controls itching and scaling dandruff. It has activity against certain dermatophytes including pityrosporum orbicular, the causative organism of pityriasis versicolor (tinea vericolor).Indications:Selsun 2.5% is indicated in the treatment of common dandruff and mild and moderately severe cases of seborrhoeis dermatitis of the scalp. It has been found to be highly effective in controlling chronic seborrhoeic scalp conditions. Selsun 2.5% is also effective in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor (tinea versicolor).Identification:A smooth uniform pale yellow to beige suspension with a distinctive perfume.Presentation:Polyethylene bottles of 50 ml, 100 ml and 750 ml.100ml.Selenium sulphide.Washes dandruff away.

Pack size:
100 ml

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Marketing description:
Dermatologicals others.


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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use:For the treatment of dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp:1. Shake before using.2. Massage about 5 to 10 ml of the medicated shampoo into the wet scalp with warm water, until you get a rich, creamy lather.3. Allow lather to remain on the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes.4. Rinse the scalp thoroughly.5. Repeat application and rinse thoroughly.6. After treatment wash hands.For the usual case, two applications each week for two weeks will afford control. After this, the lotion may be used at less frequent intervals - weekly, biweekly, or even every 3 to 4 weeks in some cases. The preparation should not be applied more frequently than required to maintain control.For treatment of hypocrisies versicolor:1. Shake well before using.2. Apply Selsun 2.5% to the affected areas and lather with a small amount of water, avoiding contact with eyes and mucous surfaces. Allow to remain for 10 minutes.3. Rinse body thoroughly.4. Repeat procedure once daily for seven days.Additional courses of treatment should be employed only in cases of persistence or recurrence of infection.

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Selenium Sulphide 2.5mg, ml Shampoo

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4.75 from 4 reviews Write a review
Selsun 2.5 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 16 Mar 2020

I've used it before on my son when he was a small baby, who is eleven years old now. I have a 3 week old son who suffers from dandruff and I remembered that selsun is the best and still works wonders

It works 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 10 Oct 2019

Highly recommended. It helped with my dandruff and I've recommended it to others that it has also helped. I only bought it because I review medical writing and this product is scientifically proven to work better than other dandruff products. I tested the theory and received results.