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Menstrual Cup

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Softcup Maybe Mom Menstrual 1 Cup is a healthy and comfortable alternative to pads and tampons. Made from non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, medical grade silicone it allows you to enjoy complete freedom and convenience for 12 hours.

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Detailed information

Softcup Menstrual Disc

Detailed Description:
A healthier alternative to pads & tampons. Made from non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, FDA approved medical grade silicone and is completely safe when used as recommended. What makes Softcup® different? **Read instructions inside. Tampons - Pads - Softcup®: no - no - yes. Can be worn up to 12 hours: yes - no - yes. Cannot be felt while wearing: no - no - yes. Can be worn during sex*: no - no - yes. Can be worn overnight: no - yes - yes. Eliminates menstrual odour: no - no - yes. Does not cause irritation or dryness: no - maybe - yes. Not linked to toxic shock syndrome (TSS)**: no - yes - yes. *The Maybemom® Softcup® is not a contraceptive nor can it protect against sexually transmitted infections. Please note that Softcup® is for personal use only and cannot be shared! It is imperative that the Softcup® is used as recommended. www.mysoftcup.com. Tel: 087 3300 576. [email protected]. Talk to us! We'd love to know how much you've enjoyed your new found freedom with Softcup®. Uniquely designed for the modern-day woman. No link to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Happy periods! Re-usable. CE certified

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1 Pack

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Marketing description:
100% Freedom. Mess-free sex. On your period! Softcup®. Menstrual disc. Healthy. Convenient. Comfortable. 12 hour period protection. 1 Softcup®. The future of feminine hygiene. Reusable for up to 3 cycles. Certified ISO.


FDA Approved

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How to use

Usage instructions:
How to Use Softcup®. 1. To insert, squeeze opposite sides of rim together. 2. Insert the Softcup® completely into the vagina. 3. Softcup® molds itself to your unique internal shape, creating a personal fit. 4. To remove the Softcup® simply hook your finger under the rim and slowly pull. Complete instruction side

Do not use Softcup® if you are using an intrauterine device (IUD), as there is a risk of dislodging, displacing or removing IUD by pulling on the IUD string when removing Softcup®. If you have ever had Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), do not use Softcup® or any other internally worn products. Maximum wear time is twelve (12) hours. Softcup® must be changed after 12 hours. Immediately following childbirth, miscarriage, or termination of pregnancy, consult your physician before using Softcup®. Softcup® is not a contraceptive and does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. If you or your sexual partner develop burning, itching, pain, or swelling in the genital area or discomfort with urination, discontinue using all internal protection and contact your physician. If you have problems removing Softcup®, call 087 3300 576 or contact your physician. See enclosed insert for more complete product information and instructions for use

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