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Nano Facial Steamer

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Sorbet Nano Facial Steamer emits a targeted column of steam from its spout, allowing you to deep clean your skin. Warm steam causes pores to dilate, which allows cleansers and cleaning tools to reach into them and clear out dirt and impurities.

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More Information

Detailed information

Sorbet Specialist Care Nano Facial Steamer

Detailed Description:
Aromatherapy basket. Built-in aromatherapy basket. Just one switch. Simple to operate with just one switch. 360 degree round spray. Accurate steam focus with a 360 degree round spray mouth. The Sorbet facial steamer is suitable for the deep cleansing and hydration of the skin. The steam opens up the pores to release dead skin cells, bacteria and other impurities which clog the pores. It promotes the regeneration of collagen & improves the skin's ability to absorb nutrition. As South Africa's number one beauty salon, Sorbet treats thousands of women every year. Women love the results they get from Sorbet's professional touch. Now you can recreate the salon experience at home and enjoy healthy-looking, radiant skin. Sorbet therapists recommend... using the Sorbet range of beauty accessories to enable you to pamper and groom your body with specialist care. Developed by Sorbet to give you a home-spa experience. Sorbet, get that feeling... Product information: Model number: NV 8388. 110 - 240 V - 50/60 Hz. 200/320 W. Tank capacity: 180 ml. Clicks promise: All electrical merchandise is covered by a 12-month guarantee from date of purchase, excluding defects that occur due to normal wear and tear. Talk to us... 0860 254 257. www.clicks.co.za. Recyclable. Paperboard carton. Remove labels before recycling. Give that feeling. Instruction Manual: 1. Lid (for the aromatherapy basket). 2. Aromatherapy basket. 3. Protective cap. 4. Nozzle (adjustable). 5. On/Off switch. 6. Water tank. 7. Lid (for the water tank). 8. Drain plug. Specifications: Name: Hot and Cold Aromatherapy Facial Steamer. Product Model: NV8388. Working time: 25 min (hot) / 70 min (cold). Spec: 110-240 V-, 50/60 Hz, 200/320 W. Capacity: 180 ml. Guarantee: Electrical and hi-tech products are covered by a 12-(twelve) month guarantee. Clicks reserves the right to test the product to confirm the alleged defect before the product will be replaced or refunded. Please note that this guarantee excludes degradation and/or defects arising as a result of normal wear and tear and/or misuse of the product caused by overloading, negligence, accidental or improper use.

Pack size:
1 Pack

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Marketing description:
Sorbet. Get that feeling. Specialist care. Facial steamer. Removes dirt, bacteria and makeup residue for glowing, healthy skin.


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How to use

Usage instructions:
Directions for use: Safety precautions and directions for use are included in the instruction manual. Instructions for use: 1. Place the steamer on a level surface. 2. Remove the water tank from the machine. 3. Unscrew the cap of the water tank and fill with distilled water. 4. Screw the lid back on the tank and place the tank back on the Facial Steamer. 5. Take out the aromatherapy basket and put some fresh fruit or essential oils in the basket. 6. Place the basket with the lid back into the Facial Steamer. 7. Insert the plug into the mains socket. The Facial Steamer is now ready for use. 8. Select cold steam or hot steam. 9. Consider using a face pack or mask immediately after steaming, for added benefits. Hot steam: 1. Switch the Facial Steamer to warm steam (the sun symbol). 2. Set the angle of the nozzle to the height you require. 3. After approximately 80 seconds, steam will be emitted from the nozzle. 4. Slowly move your face towards the steam jet until the steam covers your face. Ensure that you do not move too close to the hot steam to avoid burns or scalding of the skin. 5. Apply skin care products within 2-3 minutes after steaming. Cleaning: When finished steaming, turn off the power and let the machine cool for 3 minutes. Remove the tank and aromatherapy basket and pour out the water from the unit. Then rinse out with pure water several times. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaning agents or corrosive liquids (e.g. petrol or acetone) to clean the steamer. After each use, use a wet towel to wipe the body, and dry with a dry towel. For hygiene purposes, please use only pure water or distilled water to clean the steamer and rid it of impurities after use.

Storage instructions:
Store the steamer in a dry place after it has been cleaned and dried completely.

Important safeguards when using hot steam: 1. If the steam is too hot, increase the distance away from your face to avoid burns and scalding. 2. Ensure that you face is not closer than 25 cm from the Facial Steamer. 3. Do not remove the steamer basket or water tank during use. 4. Do not steam your face for longer than 10 minutes per treatment. Cold steam: 1. Switch the Facial Steamer to cold steam (flake symbol). 2. Set the angle of the nozzle to the height you require. 3. After approximately 5 seconds, the first cold steam will be emitted. 4. Slowly move your face towards the steam jet until the steam covers your face. 5. Apply skin care products within 2-3 minutes after steaming. Important safeguards: 1 Do not use tap water. Use distilled water. Do not add oil, milk and other liquid. 2 When using hot steam, please don't open the aromatherapy basket. 3 Place unit on a flat, level surface. Do not shake or move the Facial Steamer when you are using it. 4 If you experience pain or your skin feels uncomfortable, immediately stop the treatment. 5 If your skin is sensitive to heat, please be careful when using the Facial Steamer. 6 Never immerse the Facial Steamer in water. 7 Do not place the Facial Steamer close to hot surfaces. 8 The Facial Steamer should not be used: On irritated skin: On eczema skin: On wounds around the face: By an individual with heart disease; or. By diabetics. 9 Consult you GP before using this product if you suffer from any skin problems. 10 Close supervision must be exercised when the Facial Steamer is used by persons with sensory or mental disabilities or individuals lacking experience on how to use it. 11 Children must not play with the Facial Steamer. 12 Keep out of reach of children under the age of eight. 13 Do not leave the Facial Steamer unattended when it is switched on. 14 Do not allow children to play with the accessories or small parts. 15 Do not use the steamer if the cord or any part of the steamer is damaged. 16 Only use the parts which come with the Facial Steamer. 17 Only use the Facial Steamer indoors. 18 Do not insert any objects inside the Facial Steamer. Environment-friendly disposal: Do not dispose of electrical appliances as unsorted municipal waste, use separate collection facilities. Contact your local government for information regarding the collection systems available. If electrical products are disposed of in landfills or dumps, hazardous substances can leak into the groundwater and get into the food chain, damaging your health and wellbeing.

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